SOS Splice MkII Review

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To me, the Serpent Audio Splice II is not simply another mid-priced 1176 clone. I view it rather as a subtly innovative update of ll Putnam Snr’s original concept. In short, it’s a very fine compressor that delivers a high level of performance across a wide range of sources, in the style of the two different-sounding UA/UREI 1176 Limiting Amplifier revisions on which its core circuitry is based. Its innovative ‘splice’ switching between the blue-stripe and blackface input and output modes is joined by a host of other features (the addition of a useful 2:1 compression ratio, the side-chain high-pass filter and insert loop, the dry/wet ix control, simple but effective stereo linking, and VU meter buffering) to make the Splice II a wonderful fit for present-day recording requirements. What’s more, this is all delivered for a price that, whilst not exactly cheap, represents real value for money, given the features, facilities and level of performance on offer. If you have the need for a high-performance FET compressor and have this sort of budget available, the Serpent Audio Splice II should be high up on your audition list.

You can read the full review here.

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