SOS SB4001 Review

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The SB4001, though, really is a worthwhile addition to the bus compressor and 500-series categories — and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. Even when you add in the price of a small 500-series rack to provide this module with power and I/O, the price is very much lower than that of the SSL equivalent, not to mention that of many broadly comparable imitators. If I were being extremely picky, I might suggest that in a future revision the external side-chain input could be doubled to appear on the Omniport of Radial’s Workhorse series racks — but even more picky people than I wouldn’t see the absence of this as a problem. In short, then, this processor is so well thought out and — for my own needs, at least — so perfectly executed that I have absolutely no qualms about endorsing it. I can’t wait to try out their Splice 1176-inspired compressor, which was announced just as I was writing this!


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